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Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga...

PREGANCY YOGA.. can play a key role in empowering women through their pregnancy and birth…  Yoga for Pregnancy is a wonderful way to prepare for the birth of your baby.  It can help to enhance your experience of pregnancy by minimising discomfort, cultivating breath awareness and strengthening the body in preparation for labour. Yoga will also offer the opportunity for you to connect deeper with your baby, learn relaxation techniques that you can use during your pregnancy, birth and beyond.   Coming to classes is a great way to feel part of a community of other women enjoying the same life-changing journey - often the starting place for deep long-term friendships. (The class is recommended at any time from 14 weeks pregnancy onwards). (Book: 8th to 29th November)

POSTNATAL YOGA.... (with your baby) gives you the space to relax and provides a lovely opportunity to bond with each other, connect to the body and breathe...  

At the postnatal and baby yoga classes you will learn gentle movements for your baby to maintain their flexibility and to assist with baby's digestion and comfort.  You will also learn soothing baby massage techniques with that can be a wonderful way to bond with our baby and to calm them.  You will also benefit from this class with effective yet simple yoga movements that will strengthen your body from within after pregnancy, with breathwork and relaxation in a loving and caring space for both Mum and baby. The classes will bring you an increased level of body awareness, both for yourself and your baby.   (The class is recommended from after your 6 week check -8 weeks if had a caesarean or episiotomy- to crawling age).  (Next course tba)

About Jo...

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I live with my 3 children near Stockbridge in Hampshire, where I having been teaching yoga classes for over 10 years in Andover, Stockbridge and the Wallops.  I've had 3 homebirths and also had the privilege of being the birth partner for my sister, which was incredible! I'm very passionate about empowering women through all stages of life, their choices and decisions, and pregnancy, birth and labour are such important times where we want to feel in control, prepared and heard.  


I found attending pregnancy and baby yoga classes were vital in my mental and physical well-being.. so I undertook additional specialist training in pre & postnatal yoga for mum and baby, including baby massage, with the aclaimed and highly experienced Katy Appleton, Appleyoga.  I am so pleased to be able to give back and offer the same to women at this very special time.

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