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Yoga & Wild Swimming.... & sauna!

Find harmony within yourself amidst lush nature to explore the practice of wild swimming combined with yoga in a safe and fun environment.   Teaming up with swimming instructor and wild swim guru, Iain Derrick from Test Valley Swimming, together we bring YOGA & WILD SWIMMING sessions throughout the year in a beautiful private lake just outside rural Stockbridge.  Using yoga, breathwork, movement and meditation to connect to body and mind and train the nervous system to remain calm, relaxed and grounded as we delve into the exhilarating benefits of cold-water swimming.


There is strong evidence that hot and cold immersion “led to an immediate improvement in mood following each session and a sustained and gradual reduction in symptoms of depression and stress”.  READ HERE ABOUT THE BENEFITS

“The thrill of plunging - or dipping a toe into water brings joy, confidence, adventure and friendship. It can wash away stress and sadness, pain and grief. Here water is a great healer, a place to feel gloriously, elementally alive and in touch with yourself, with other and with nature” (Anna Deacon, Author)


We start the session with movement, breathwork and a grounding yoga practice to bring us a greater mind-body connection - to calm our nervous system in preparation for swimming.   Continuing with a strong focus on the breath, you will be guided in a relaxed and fun way as we dip into crisp clean waters surrounded by lush nature, through to the invigorating practice of cold-water swimming. We finish with a warming chillout in The Fallen Willow Sauna, warming chai tea and a natter!


Everyone is welcome to attend from those who are curious to wild swimming to the more experienced swimmer who would like to enjoy the benefits of yoga and swimming. No yoga experience is required but must be able to swim.


• Swim wear (wetsuits, swimming gloves & socks - advisable for cold season swims)

• Flip flops or equivalent to walk to the lake side
• If swimming distance: Cap - brightly coloured
• Swim Goggles (optional)
• Ear Plugs (advisable if ears are submerged in cold season swims)

• Towels x2


Lunch time group sessions: £35 each (includes sauna & refreshments) BUY NOW

• Off-grid Wood-Fired Sauna Session: - VISIT HERE

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