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Based in Andover, Stockbridge and the Wallops in Hampshire (and online), JOGA’S classes are friendly, fun and inspired Yoga Vinyasa (flow) for men and women of all levels.  At JOGA we don't just "do yoga"!  Feel good sessions are designed to provide "an experience" and to motivate students not to take themselves too seriously, work at their own pace, find challenge safely, to embrace who we are and to live our best life!



ENERGISING VINYASA FLOW:  A fun dynamic class to improve flexibility whilst building core strength and stability. Movement is connected with breath in fluid sequences to build heat in the body.  Followed by stamina building holding of poses and deeper stretches to release tension.  We conclude each class with relaxation to leave feeling energised, yet super chilled!  Everyone is welcome to attend this mixed ability class including beginners. PROMO VIDEO


GENTLE MOVEMENT FLOW: A gentle movement and stretch class to release muscular tension and pain. Move slowly, ease yourself into yoga poses gently, quieten the mind and release stress. Suitable for all levels, beginners, those with less mobility and anyone wanting a slower, gentler paced class. 

SLOW FLOW & RELEASE: A deeply releasing and nourishing practice that combines the benefits of slow yoga and deep tissue release techniques to discharge tension from the body.  We start with a slow yoga flow to warm up the muscles, and then move into myofascial deep tissue release techniques to increase blood flow to muscles and fascia. This releases pain and discomfort, and provides an enhanced range of mobility and flexibility. The class then eases into some feel good stretching and relaxation to leave you super chilled.  Suitable for all levels and beginners. PROMO VIDEO

YOGA & WILD SWIMMING:   Find harmony within yourself amidst lush nature to explore the practice of wild swimming combined with yoga in a safe and fun environment. Using yoga, breathwork, movement and meditation to connect to body and mind and train the nervous system to remain calm, relaxed and grounded as we delve into the exhilarating benefits of cold-water swimming.  DATES

PREGNANCY & POSTNATAL YOGA:  Pregnancy Yoga and postnatal Yoga (with baby) are targeting classes for women moving through the wonderful transition of pregnancy to post birth... These classes will prepare the body for labour with gentle movements, stretches and breathing techniques.. and then moving into the postnatal phase of recovery, building back inner strength and flexibility.. while taking time to connect with your baby. Contact for Privates


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Jo is a mum of 3 grown up children and one crazy dog and has been a qualified yoga teacher for over 12 years. Her friendly, fun and grounded classes integrate the best elements of yoga, with anatomical awareness and mindfulness.  Jo’s down to earth approach to her classes are aimed to inspire, educate and empower to increase strength, stamina, flexibility and wellbeing with a strong focus on alignment and stability.  Sessions are  fluid flowing, harmonising breath with movement.   


Jo holds a diploma with Sun Power yoga CYQ/YMCA, REPS level 3 (Register of Exercise Professionals) and is an Experienced Registered Senior Yoga Teacher and Continuing Education Provider with the International Yoga Alliance Organisation.

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